About Setting Goals

15 sep. 2020

In deze video vier ik het behalen van één van mijn carriëre doelen: samenwerken met Elena Amato van Ponto Biodesign. Elena is een bio material designer. Zij ontwerpt duurzame oplossingen voor verpakkingen, gemaakt van bacteriele cellulose.


Volg hier Elena's werk:


Binnenkort deel ik met jullie een video waarin jullie te zien krijgen hoe Elena en ik werken en wat het resultaat is van de samenwerking!

(notitie: videos zijn in het Engels)


About Being Vulnerable

4 sep. 2020

Are you struggling with emotional vulnerability every now and then? Know that you're not alone. Many of us (me included) fear to emotionally open up to others but I'm convinced that it is worth it!

Daring to be vulnerable is a power. It is THE way to truly connect to another human being. We all have those emotions. We all feel ashamed of them every now and then. And we all need to find ways to release and process them. 

There are many different ways to do so. One very important way in my opinion is to open up to another person and talk about it. I find this one of the best remedies. 

Many times I will walk around, overthinking something in my head and feeling bad about it for days until I finally remind myself (or somebody does that for me, like my lovely husband) that I need to talk about it.


I'm still amazed every time how much that helps. It gets me out of my mind, lets me feel what's going on on emotional level (tears are good, washes stuff away) and makes me feel connected to the lovely person I'm talking to. 


We don't have to solve everything on our own.

Other ways that are indispensable for me are making art and singing. Both activities get me out of my head and make it possible to release emotions and find some peace of mind.

I learned that I'm a HSP (highly sensitive person), which means that I experience emotions more heavily and I get overwhelmed quicker than not-HSP's. This can be hard sometimes, but at the same time it is an attribute that brings a lot of beauty with it as well, especially in the field of artistic expression :-) .