PhD Thesis Cover Design

You dedicated years of your life to passionate research.

Now it is finally time to bundle your hard work into a book:

your PhD thesis. 

PhD cover boekomslag ontwerp
"Working with Nicole in developing the cover of my PhD thesis was an enriching experience.
She took her time to listen to my ideas and understand my scientific work to come up with a beautiful piece of art.
For any PhD students willing to have a unique thesis cover,
I highly recommend collaborating with Nicole.
She is full of ideas and very talented!"

~ Dr. S. Besnard (Geo-information Science & Remote Sensing, Wageningen University & Research)

The world is a gift.

Let's be grateful and handle it with care.

Human intervention in nature and the alarming effects it has on our planet is a subject I deal with on a daily basis.

I admire the indispensable work of scientists and designers that are passionate about finding solutions to decrease our negative impact on this planet.

I take great pleasure in translating those important researches into unique works of art that will make your thesis stand out amongst all other books and make you feel proud and satisfied when you put your hard work into another person's hand.

I'm very much looking forward to hear about your research and collaborate with you!

"Nicole’s experience and talent delivers a smooth process and
an excellent piece of art.

I had a pleasure of working with Nicole on designing a cover for my PhD thesis. As somebody with no prior experience in such matters,
I really appreciated Nicole’s professional guidance from
conceptualizing the cover image to finalizing the size of the cover.
Content-wise Nicole thinks along paying attention to all of your preferences; very quick in understanding your abstract examples;
has keen eyes for details; and truly harmonizes the text, image,
and font of the design.
Process-wise she is flexible and patient about change requests and very dependable when it comes to meeting the deadlines.
In short, I am very happy that I worked with her on this project and hope to collaborate again in the near future."

~ Dr. B. Holmatov (Multidisciplinary Water Management, University of Twente)

How working with Nicole on your PhD Cover looks like:

We will have an (online) meeting where we will talk about your research and eventual ideas you might have about your cover design.

I will read the summary of your thesis and ask you to send me a few book covers you like to get to know your taste.

I will translate your research into a concept for an unique visual artwork.

When you are satisfied with the concept, I will create the actual artwork and book cover design.

Furthermore, I will also design a matching bookmark that is used as an invitation for your defense.

To celebrate your hard work, you will receive the original cover artwork framed. It will make you feel proud whenever you look at it! 

PhD cover design

Unique Cover Artwork & Print-ready Cover Design

+ Bookmark Invitation

+ Framed Original Artwork

799 incl. VAT 

I've got only three spots a month so please make sure to reserve on time.

Make sure to check with your (financial) departement if they cover the costs for you. It is quite often the case, that there is a budget for the design and the printing of your PhD thesis, so you don't have to pay this yourself.

I donate 5% of the money to an environmental good cause (of your choice).

Message me and I will let you know asap when I can book you in for the free (Skype) call, so we can start translating your research into a striking cover!

P.s.: I speak English, Dutch and German fluently :-)