PhD Cover Design For Bunyod

I just love working with PhD students. They are such lovely people, often coming from abroad, so passionate and dedicated to their research.

Bunyod Holmatov was no exception to that. Originally from Uzbekistan, he came to the Netherlands to analyse the water, land and carbon footprints of alternative transport fuels. Last week he successfully defended his thesis at the University of Twente.

PhD students that work with me on their thesis cover not only receive a unique, well designed cover that stands out amongst the rest; they also receive the original artwork framed, that I have created for the book cover.

I live close to the University of Twente, which makes it possible for me to have my clients receive the original artwork on the day of their defense.

Bunyod's reaction fills my heart with warmth and brings so much joy to my job!

"Nicole, I really enjoyed working with you on the cover project. My booklet’s cover was a real hit, but me and my wife were just speechless to see the original! It is really something very special! Thank you again, for the wonderful art that we will cherish and which will always remind us of you guys and the 2020 when despite the craziness, I completed the degree and published my first printed booklet that was extra awesome because of its super awesome cover!"

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