DIY Abstract Collage Tips & Tricks (in times of our collective creative corona quarantine)

As Agustin Fuentes says: "Creativity makes us human."

And I totally agree with that. In those weird and frightening times that the corona-virus is bringing us at the moment, I have seen so many wonderful creative outbursts full of love and support: let's unite through art while the virus is separating us physically.

I will be sharing with you today my tips & tricks on how you can approach creating abstract collage artwork and as I promised you on Instagram:

I have made surprise DIY collage packages for you! I sell them only covering the shipping costs. I have created 10 of those packages but if the demand is higher, than I'll might make more of them :-) .

I'm excited connecting to you this way. The packages are filled with a personal collection of various materials such as: (analogue) photographs I took, scraps of my painting exercises, plants I have dried, pieces of paper I collected through the years, etc. .

I also include a sheet of paper for you to work on. So the only thing you might need are a pair of scissors, glue or thread and needle to make your collage stick to the paper. Oh, and by the way: I actually think the packages contain enough material to make at least two collages and I suggest you combine it with your own stuff to make it even more interesting.

I hope you will enjoy the surprise mail straight into your physical mailbox.

Please share your work with me in an instagram story (@nicole.schyns),

I'd love to see your work and share it! If you need some help to get started with your collage,

read my tips & tricks below.

Stay healthy everyone!

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DIY Abstract Collage Tips & Tricks

  1. Search for interesting and personal material: Step into your garden or look closely at your plants at home. Pick some of the leaves and flowers and dry them between paper towels in a stack of books. Dive into boxes where you keep old memories: old diaries, tickets to places you have been, letters you received, analogue foto's, etc. Do you have clothing you keep because of sentimental value? Maybe you can cut up that baby-shirt or use grandma's crochet placemat?

  2. Play with contrasts: Warm and cold colours or feel, soft and rough textures, edgy and rounded forms. I personally love the contrast of sharp vs. blurry. I often use chalk paper to achieve that contrast.

  3. Limit your colours, limit your pieces: Cliché, but for me it's true: less is more. You can start with picking your favourite piece that you want to create a collage with. What colour(s) does that piece have? Try to pick not more than three colours for the entire collage and keep the ratio around: 60 / 30 / 10 , which means: one main colour, a secondary colour and one accent colour.

  4. Create in various ways: Try to find as many ways as possible to create a shape. You can cut out a triangle from a magazine page, but you can also rip a triangle shape, stence it, emboss it, or let the shape originate by putting layers on top of each other. How many ways can you find to create a line?

  5. Wait with the glue: Lay out all your material next to each other and stare at it. Take your time and most importantly: have fun! Try out different combinations and compositions. Move it around, put pieces on top of each other. Feel satisfied? Then you might want to let it rest for a couple of days, take a look at it every once in a while, maybe switch one piece, move another piece just a bit and if you are finally happy with it you can fixate it to the paper (or canvas, or fabric, or ...)

Please remember, these are just some guidelines that can help you get started. Always trust your gut instinct and break the rules wherever it feels right!


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