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I love creating works of art that have a very special meaning to someone. 

The most magical thing about working with earth pigment paintings is that I can capture the true colours and textures of a place on my canvases.

For example, I can make a painting with pigments of the place where you were born, the village you always went on vacation as a child or the place your grandparents used to live.

In this way, a spot on earth that is so dear to you can become a visible and tangible part of your current home. For example, I made a painting for Anneke with pigments from her hometown in South Africa. 
Her parents collected rocks, sand and earth and brought them when they came to visit Anneke here in the Netherlands.

This is what Anneke says about the experience:

"The moment I first saw Nicole's tranquil earth pigment paintings I immediately fell in love. So as soon as Nicole told me that she could create a painting for me with pigments from my home town in South Africa I was beyond excited! As I now live abroad I deeply miss South Africa and having just a little piece of it always in my home fills me with so much joy. The gentle and thoughtful way that Nicole created this extremely sentimental piece of artwork truly blows me away. It exceeded any expectations I had and it is a piece of art I will cherish and love for the rest of my life. Thank you Nicole for all the love you put into this piece! I feel the warmth of you and my home country every day when I look up at it."

StancePhotography_ Nicole-138.jpg

If you are looking for a painting or collage with the perfect colour palette for your space and exactly the right size for that one specific spot, then you have come to the right place as well.  


Note: I only have a few free spots open per year for custom work, so that I have enough space left to create free work.
At the moment I still have spots open for 2024. So contact me quickly to discuss the possibilities.

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