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View all available service options.
If you want to use one of these services, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you can't find what you are looking for, you can always contact me for more information.

I'm happy to help.

Custom Earth Pigment Painting

I can create a custom painting for you in the size that you wish. We can discuss colour palette options and framing. Maybe you would love to have a painting with pigments from a place that is special to you? I'd love to help you make that dream come true!

Try Before You Buy
(free and without obligation)

If you are living in a radius of 60 km from my studio (Hengelo OV, NL),
I offer to showcase several artworks of your choice at your home.
This way you can see how a piece of art looks and feels in your space before making the purchase.

Would you like to use this service but you live farther than 60 km away? Contact me for possible options.

Custom Collage

I can create a custom collage for you. We can talk about the colours and materials you love, the size you wish and framing options.

Maybe you would love to have certain (dried) flowers incorporated that have a special meaning to you?

Try Before You Buy - Digitally
(free and without obligation)

If you email me a photograph of the place in your home, where you would like to see a specific artwork of mine, I can hang my artwork digitally on your wall for you to get an impression of what the artwork looks like in your space.


"Nicole came to my home with a selection of different artworks. In the end, I chose her first ever made earth pigment painting. I enjoy it every day. The colours, the composition, but also the story behind it, make it special to me."

Annemiek v.H. (earth pigment painting)

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