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"I hope that if you buy one of my paintings,

that this painting may serve as an anchor point for you;

bringing you back to the present moment, every time you see and touch it."

“My paintings are meant to be touched.
I like to play with the roughness of the natural pigment that I process into paint. This creates a visible and tangible texture."


Tales Of The Wild Rocks

~The Big Sisters~


Tales of the Wild Rocks No. I

natural pigment and chalk paint on linen
82cm x 102cm
incl. wooden frame



Tales of the Wild Rocks No. II

natural pigment on linen
52cm x 52cm
incl. wooden frame



Tales of the Wild Rocks No. III

natural pigment and chalk paint on linen
52cm x 62cm
incl. wooden frame



Tales of the Wild Rocks No. IV

natural pigment and chalk paint on cotton
82cm x 82cm
incl. wooden frame



Tales of the Wild Rocks No. V

natural pigment and chalk paint on linen
62cm x 92cm
incl. wooden frame



Tales of the Wild Rocks No. VI

natural pigment and chalk paint on linen
82cm x 82cm
incl. wooden frame



Buying a painting: 

The true colors of the paintings may differ from the colors in the photo.
Each monitor differs in color reproduction.

The prices do not include shipping costs. Due to fragility, the larger sizes paintings
(Big Sisters: No. I, No. IV, No. V, No. VI)  will not be shipped. These can be picked up in my studio in Hengelo (Overijssel, the Netherlands) or delivered by me for a fee (within the Netherlands).

Please contact me beforehand when you desire to buy one of the bigger paintings.

Q & A

Where do the pigments in your paintings come from?

The 'Tales of the Wild Rocks' collection consists of a mix of pigments collected and processed into paint, mainly from the German Steilküste in Boltenhagen, and Pure & Original chalk paint. This brand of a small-scale family business makes chalk paint in Belgium with 100% natural pigments.

Do the prices include list?

Yes. The paintings include a bare wooden frame. The 'Big Sisters' have a hanging system at the back. The 'Little Sisters' can easily be hung with the frame over a nail or placed on a shelf. All paintings are therefore ready to hang in your home immediately upon receipt. 

Do you varnish your paintings?

No. I thought about it for a long time and decided that I don't want to varnish my works. Varnish is toxic and harmful to humans and nature. It is meant to protect a painting from change for hundreds of years.
It doesn't match my philosophy. Change is part of life. I believe we should embrace that rather than fight against it. I finish my paintings with a layer of matte medium. My first natural pigment painting is now almost two years old and there is still no change to be discovered. 

Do you also sell prints of your paintings?

No. Unfortunately, there will be no prints of these paintings. I only sell the originals.


Do you have a question that hasn't been answered yet?
Feel free to send me a message and I will answer your question as soon as possible :) .

Thank you very much for your interest in my work!

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