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© 2019 by Nicole Schyns Studio 

Contemporary Abstract Art

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located in

Hengelo, The Netherlands

Art is there to let us pause for a moment, make us reflect

and remind us of what feels right.     


My mixed media collages are an ode to nature and a call to humanity to become aware of how we treat it.

I incorporate natural materials, such as leaves, into my collages. I often change the original form as a critical reflection on what people are so often inclined to do: shape nature according to their wishes and needs.


Abstraction, minimalism, transparency and layering are visual aspects and subjects that fascinate me and that you will see reflected in my work.


A collage often starts with a graphite rubbing. With a graphite bar in my hand, I take a print of the place where

I am. The texture of the stone ground on which I stand or the bark of a tree standing next to me appears.


During my walks, I consciously pay attention to the plants around me and I collect material. The branches, plants and leaves are then dried in my plant press.


Finally the play with the collage elements begins. Sometimes it takes weeks, sometimes it happens within

half an hour, to come to a satisfying and meaningful result. The color palette must be right, the composition, the feel ...


When everything is in place, I pick up my needle and thread. I try to glue as little as possible. The thread piercing through or enclosing the elements completes the whole picture for me. It reflects the fragility of nature and provides a surprising interplay of lines that connect the entire composition.

About Nicole

As a kid growing up in Germany, you would often find me with pencil and paper, drawing my favourite videogame characters. Around the age of eleven, an easel was on my wishlist for Christmas and I have been painting ever since. Furthermore I had lots of fun with my plastic toy camera that could shoot rolls of film. I found my soulmate at the early age of fourteen and emigrated to the Netherlands as soon as I finished school to be with my love and to start my studies at the art academy.

During my studies, my fascination for photography and moving image grew and became my specialism for the last seven years. I am now translating that knowledge into online classes.

Although I love my camera (and photoshop) deeply; nothing can beat the happiness and excitement that I feel when I'm making art with my bare hands.

What else?

  • I'm married

  • I am a mother of two boys

  • I have a former stray dog from Romania

  • I speak German, Dutch, English and Polish

  • I still love playing video games

  • I suck at baking but keep trying to bake stuff

  • I'm fascinated by transparant layers like thin papers, water, ice, glass, paint

  • I love collaborating with other artists

  • I'm into minimalism and decreasing the amount of things I own

  • I fight for mother nature